Iran war could potentially dominate London election

Now if there is one issue that could explode onto the arena of the GLA election on the 3rd of May, is if all the talk of war actually results in a pre-emptive strike against Iran before the date of the election.   

Having been elected on the London Assembly for the first time in 2004, where by far the dominant issue was the Iraq war at the time, we have already seen in the short life of the GLA how a global issue can dominant an essentially London election about issues like transport fares, policing of London and building more housing. Then it cost labour 2 seats in the London Assembly and l only just got in myself on the night, while Ken was against the intervention in Iraq got back in with reasonable margin of  comfort.

Interestingly while some in the press like the Telegraph have highlight the significance of the Obama & Netanyahu meeting earlier in the week, others like the Economist have been alot more caution. Its leader last week suggested the case for the wars success is hard to make. If Iran is intent in getting a bomb, an attack would delay but not stop it. Indeed, using Western bombs as a tool to prevent nuclear proliferation risks making Iran more determined to build a weapon – and more dangerous when it gets one. While the ES suggested last night that diplomacy has along way to go yet, advising Cameron to use his influence on Obama on this front.

So what do are present mayoral candidates say about this all? Interestingly the present  Mayor, Boris Johnson did write a column in the Telegraph with the header” We must not let Bush wage war against Iran” which says it all. So I reckon the question now would be whether he would say the same thing about Benjamin Netanyha. Logic tells us that by the same token he should be saying ” We must not let Netanyahu wage war against Iran ” but as we know there is nothing logical about the present incumbent of the Mayor of London! While with Ken we can expect him to say something in line with his previous sentiments on Iraq war on any further intervention in Iran.  And as Phillip Stephens says in the FT very well today in his article, Don’t play politics with the bomb. He says instead of banging drum for war, Mr Netanyahu should be making peace with Palestinians. Clearly while it might not yet be dominating the London elections, its clearly dominating the pages of our broadsheets and thats no bad thing at all, as we hear warnings against any pre-emptive strike.