Internationalism in London


One of the pleasures of being Chair of the Stop the War Coalition is being invited along to many of the diaspora communities events we have in Greater London. 

Since the beginning of the year, l have been out demonstrating with Indian’s in the UK against Modi’s Citizenship (Amendment) Act defending their multi-faith, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual Indian identity and the democratic secular constitution of India; celebrating the contribution of the Kurds in London at the AGM of DayMER and showing solidarity with their interests in the Middle East; and involved in an Afghanistan Peace Panel Discussion hosted by ACAA arguing for the withdrawal of foreign troops and popped into Portcullis House to hear a discussion on Human Rights in Kashmir hosted by Third World Solidarity. 

Going by the number approaches l have had, the action against the CAA and the registration of Indian citizens through the National Register of Citizens (NRC) have been one of the most divisive policies of the Indian government that has not only divided communities in India but has also been at the centre of a numerous protests and demonstrations in the UK and Europe. And its a new concern, while l dare say the other issues raised by other diaspora groups have been around for a long while. 

Very often as well the diasporas communities know more about what is happening then the UK media do, like for example the talk of Afghanistan Peace Deal in January was not premature given the US and Taliban this past weekend have just now signed a Peace deal though the Afghanistan government is not party to it.