Increase diesel taxes to help save lives


While Justine Thornton QC ( Why Brexit poses a serious threat to the health of our children – 6th September 2016 ) may argue for a new Clear Air Act in light of our BREXIT to deal with the silent killer of air pollution in London, a much quicker and better method would be a diesel tax hike to cut air pollution.  

The Royal College of Physicians earlier this year found air pollution killed 40,000 people prematurely in the UK every year, blaming the early deaths on popularity of diesel cars which were encouraged by government as a way to reduce carbon emissions. 

Tests by the Department for Transport found that diesel vehicles sold in the UK churned out six times more than the legal limits for nitrogen oxide more than the legal limit for nitrogen oxide under real world driving conditions. So much for EURO standards! 

Gordon Brown, the former chancellor, cut low-sulphur diesel duty by 3 p in 2001 Budget in a bid to cut carbon emissions by encouraging motorists to drive diesel cars. 

Figures also show that sales of diesel cars in the UK rose 138 per cent in under ten years, increasing harmful levels of chemicals associated with the fuel thanks to Mr Brown’s decision to cut tax.

So beware false idols when cutting cutting carbon emissions while perversely increasing other harmful chemicals associated with diesel. 

Please see above a copy of the actual letter published by Evening Standard on 9th of September 2016