…I was always a Steve Ovett man


If you watched British athletics in the early 1980’s, you were either a Seb Coe or Steve Ovett man when it came to middle distance running. I can see why now more clearly l was a Steve Ovett man with recent events surrounding Seb Coe.

Seb Coe has been a member of the IAAF Council since 2001 and an IAAF Vice-President since 2007 but he tells us he knew nothing or suspected nothing of the matters covered by today’s report by WADA’s independent Commission. We also had him praising Diack as the spiritual leader of the IAAF and his ongoing relationship with Nike.

Seb was also Chair of FIFA’s Ethics Committee between 2006 and 2008 during which time he failed to detect any corruption at FIFA. And now his arrangements and understanding with Nike sports ware is under the microscope certainly by the BBC.

He was also one of the key actors in the successful London Olympics of 2012 but clearly got the stadium conversion wrong certainly for the London council tax payer, as he insisted the Stadium had to be retained for athletics when we all keen it was going to eventually converted into to a football stadium.

All this does make you wonder if Lord Coe is a fit and proper person to be Chair of the BOA. If nothing else he has far too much on this plate to continue with this undertaking.

Seb was always the one seeking the attention of the media in those days of his clash with Steve Ovett, as he was always available to say something to the media. I bet you now, he’s not so keen to seek their attention.

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