I am backing Ed Miliband

The West End Extra is right to say l am back Ed Miliband but not because l was snubbed by his elder brother David.

Ed is making a clean break from New Labour, in a way and manner that will bring all the elements of the labour movement together again. This is something clearly David is not going to be able to do and the latest example is his position that Heathrow airport should be expanded as he expressed last week. This is out of kilter with the consensus in London across the political spectrum and lacks any appreciation that essentially the airport is placed in suburban west London and thus inflicts a huge environmental cost to those living there. Its also suggest that Labour is in with big business and in this instance BAA which does not go down well certainly in that part of London.

If anything when the shadow cabinet is formed after the new leader is installed during party conference a fundamental review of Labours aviation policy needs to be undertaken as soon as possible.

Last sunday at Havestock school, Ed gave us a sense of where he intends to take us like recapturing individual liberty tradition in our party; defending the Unions; having a graduate tax proportion to earnings not tuition fees;  dismissing the coalitions deficit politics while espousing Keynesian economis as the best way out. These were just some of the points l can remember him making on the night.  

He’s political analysis of the five million votes  lost by Labour since 1997 is that four million went to other parties and not to the Tories.  And that many in middle England also believe strongly in a society where the rich do their bit and pay their fair share. I of course tend to agree with this.

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