How to save your local pub!

Local community comming out along Linhope St to save theri local pub

Local community comming out along Linhope St to save theri local pub

After my recent column in the West End Extra Forum slot under the header of  ” The pub’s a hub and worth cherishing”  l am glad to see its been of immediate use to campaigners trying to stop another pub closing in NW1, the Swan & Edgar Public House, formerly known as the Feathers Public House.

Indeed if l had not been away l would have attended their public meeting on the 17th of March where over 30 people locally decided to form a group to nominate the Linhope Street Public House for listing as an Asset of Community Value. Please find the link to the Asset of Community Value Nomination Form made to the City of Westminster. It clearly shows how to get one’s local public house listed as an asset of community value under the Localism Act, which then gives the pub extra protection if its put up for sale.

The council has already considered the application for change of use and alterations on the 11th of Feb 2014, and refused it on the grounds that the loss of the public house would result in the loss of a valued social and community resource to the detriment of the local community & the character of the Conservation Area.

I just hope now that the Mayor has seen a motion passed by the London Assembly and is mindful of campaigns like the Save the Linhope Street Local, can see fit to use his present exercise of Further Alterations to the London Plan to include new guidance to give greater protection to pubs in London. The campaign to get it listed as as Asset of Community Value shows as all how to go about saving your local public house and other campaigns can certainly learn from it. Just remember a pub is a hub worth cherishing and that it is worth preserving.

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