Hire bike parking problems

Crazy parking off pavement but in the middle of the road in front of a tube station!


I have issued a number of twitters of the incredible parking of hire bike riders on the streets of Central London, with out to much thought of pedestrians and on going traffic.

Whilst we want to encourage more cycling etc on the streets of London, the playing of cycling hire schemes is somewhat wanting. I myself has made this switch using Santander hire bikes in Central London, where l have to park them at docking stations at the end of my journeys. This clearly does not happen with hire bike users like Lime, where there appear to be encouraged to park their hire bikes anywhere! 

Now as a fellow cyclist, it does not really bother me but it certainly does with other users of the pavement, so l have been advocating the bikes be at least parked off the pavements on the street but this also presents it problems as well. As the photo above illustrates very well. 

So maybe London Councils with lead councils like Westminster in particular, should seat down the the bike hire firms and sort out some bike parking spaces on the streets of London. It should be no different from parking spaces for cars administrated by the councils with the costs etc borne by the bike hire firms. 

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