Heathrow expansion or not, me judges!

The campaigners trying to block Heathrow expansion lost  their judicial review on last Wednesday morning.

Now while the Judge in Heathrow expansion case made clear the hearing was only concerned with the legality of the Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS) and not the merit of concerns of on issues like pollution, noise, climate change, surface access & habitat. It therefore did not have have a bearing on legal stature of ANPS. 

While all the claims were dismissed the one that struct me was on Climate Change matters. Here we were told that ” the Paris Agreement does not form part of UK law and so, while the UK has ratified it until Parliament decides if and how to incorporate the Paris Agreement target, it has no effect in domestic law.” This on the day that the House of Commons adopted the Climate Change emergency motion from the Opposition!  

If you want to read the judgement summary,  please go to the following link. 

Whatever happens, its not the end as it is almost certainly going to be challenged by the local London councils, the Mayor and Green campaign organisations. 



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