Heathrow anti-expansion rally in front of Court of Justice

it is inconsistent for the UK Government to have both legislated for a net carbon neutral economy by 2050, and approved the expansion of Heathrow – which will enable an extra 700 flights per day with all the extra CO2 emissions which will result.

Furthermore with many more millions of car journeys, we are likely to see no improvements in air quality at the second biggest hot stop for air pollution in London.  So if Heathrow Airport proceeds to the Development Consent Order (DCO) stage arguing that the Airport National Policy Statement (ANPS) June 2018 requirements on modal shift to public transport can be achieved without reliance on a well considered Southern Heathrow Rail link scheme, the DCO is at risk of failing. This is because the current Assessment Case contains unrealistic assumptions about the ability of existing rail routes and road to accommodate significantly more passengers and staff, and is heavily reliant upon the hostile measure of a Vehicle Access Charge (VAC) which we think will be unacceptable to users.

And finally the biggest environmental issue, on airport expansion at Heathrow, is of course aircraft noise. It will no doubt extend itself over new parts of West London and further a field and we also need to acknowledge the impact on aircraft noise on some peoples mental health as well. 

On all these three environmental grounds, the appeal is made to halt the expansion of Heathrow. 

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