Heathrow airport “too slow” fighting pollution

The pace of measures to combat dangers for Londoners is a matter of concern, said the chair of London Assembly’s Environment committee.

Heathrow is owned and operated by BAA.

“Pollution is a major problem in the capital and Heathrow has a role to play in helping clean up London’s air, particularly for people living around the airport,” said Murad Qureshi.

“Action must be taken as quickly as possible to reduce the damaging effects of pollution on Londoners’ health.

”Aircraft noise is another major concern for Londoners. BAA is encouraging airlines to use more modern aeroplanes into Heathrow, which are quieter than the older models.

“However, changes to flight paths and operational methods could mean that more people than ever are being affected by aircraft noise, the scale and impact of which is very difficult to evaluate.”

BAA was hailed at City Hall for measures currently in place, under which only two monitoring sites at the Britain’s biggest airport currently exceed EU levels for nitrogen dioxide.

Independent air quality consultant Professor Duncan Laxen said: “The issue is not a disagreement with the overall approach which BAA has adopted, but it would be a requirement to ensure that what is done is being done thoroughly and being done fast enough.”

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