Happy 160th birthday Tube but…..

Happy birthday greetings are certainly due to the Tube system in London started 160 years ago between Paddington and Farringdon to connect up GWR Paddington Railway Station to Central London by Metropolitan Railways.  But after the rains yesterday, the state of the old line needs to be looked at urgently as illustrated on platforms 5 & 6 in Baker Street Tube station. 

The penetration of rain water is obvious through the walls and ceiling from the Marylebone Rd road above, when you look along platform 5 & 6.  This regularly happens when there is a heavy rainfall. 

The last time is was refurbished l was still at school locally and passed through the station regularly. Those works were completed in 1984 and it seems, particularly in the 21st new century, it was been regularly leaking when we have had heavy rains. It appears the frequency of this has increased as the infrastructure of the walls and ceilings can not deal with the intense rainfall we have as a result of climate change. This urgently needs repairing and refurbishing to see the world first underground railway line get to the end of the present century. 


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