Gunnersbury Triangle nature reserve needs Mayoral intervention

Front entrance of the Nature Reserve, near to Chiswick Park tube

On wednesday l went along to visit Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve to see for myself the threat of a looming development on its boundaries.

I saw first hand how one development has already encroached over the Nature Reserve almost immediately as you enter the Triangle and could well imagine how the Colonial Drive proposal would over shadow this small oasis of peace and quite between the rail tracks. It become clear to me how the development is to tall, and large, impacting badly on the flora and fauna of the triangle. For example creating light pollution at night as the building looms over the woodland habitat of bats and birds.

So l left feeling glad that l have visited the Reserve to see the potential problems first hand and the encroachment first hand. On the grounds that an environmental impact assessment of the development on the nature reserve as recommended by Natural England has not be done before the planning decision was passed by Ealing Council. Ands its strategic importance in London pertaining biodiversity has already been identified as a site of Metropolitan Importance(SMI) and site of Importance for Nature Conversation(SINC).

So l hope my small efforts at city hall help the Hands-off our Triangle (HOOT) campaign.

The threat of over-development around Gunnersbury Triangle already apparent above noticeboard.

3 thoughts on “Gunnersbury Triangle nature reserve needs Mayoral intervention

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  3. Stephanie and Jim Lodge

    We absolutely object to this latest development to hit the Triangle. It is absolutely vital to all the communities who live close to and bordering the Triangle, the guaranteed protection and continued survival of this Nature Reserve is an example of good practice and complies with the Sustainability Indicator, and the Duty to Implement the Biodiversity Action Plan, London and Ealing’s Biodiversity Action Plan. It’s also to do with retaining the connection and caring for nature.

    You should ask Ealing Council why they never undertook an Environmental Assessment, as they’re supposed to have done, following a ruling in the European Court after a resident of Crystal Palace applied to the Court after Bromley Council’s decision to approve the multiplex cinema application on the Park.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mr. and Mrs. W. J. and S. M. Lodge


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