Grenfell immunity – just not on!

After listening to the deliberations of yesterday in the morning session of the Grenfell Inquiry on the case for and against the immunity of prosecution of corporate witnesses (on an individual basis), it would a travesty if the Chair SIr Martin Moore-Bick now refers the matter to the Attorney General. 

He should decide the matter in this investigation in light of what happened in phase 1 by throwing the request out.  No firefighter sought immunity from prosecution during their evidence to the Grenfell Inquiry in the first phase, as corporate participants are now seeking. It would be grossly unfair that you have this difference if the matter is referred further up and it is decided a case exists. Indeed as Michael Mansfield QC stated on behalf of the families any indemnity against individual prosecution in phase 2 would also mean a “license to lie” when not answering questions.  

So we all await this judgement today hopefully. 

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