Government “mugs” victims of crime in London

Victim Support

The government was today attacked for plans to cut victim support funding across London by up to 40%. The government are consulting on proposals to fund victim support based on population rather than the amount of crime and number of victims in a given area. London accounts for 20-25% of recorded crime nationally, but only has 15% of the nation’s population. The funding changes will mean the amount of money available for victim support across the capital will fall from £13.3million to £8.2million, a cut of over £5million. 

The plans have been criticised by the Mayor of London and his policing deputy in recent correspondence to the Ministry of Justice. London-wide Assembly Member Murad Qureshi has backed calls for the Justice Secretary to properly fund victim support services in London.  

London-wide Labour London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi said:

“The government must drop these reckless plans and properly fund victim support services in the capital. These changes will mean victims of crime in London will not receive the support they need. Policing in Westminster is under real strain with 393 police officers being cut since May 2010 and 2,500 police officers cut across the capital. In Westminster, 81% of crimes are not being solved. It’s more important than ever that victim support services are properly funded. 

“In London we have an emerging cross-party consensus that the government must not cut back on this vital service. The government still have time to listen and we will continue to highlight the impact of this disastrous plan until the government change tack. Even Mayor Boris Johnson who has provided cover for government cuts to policing has described these latest plans as “ludicrous”. We will end up with funding in quieter parts of the country of £22 per victim, but in London it will be £12 – does the government really think victims in London are worth less and deserve less support?” 



  1. Murad Qureshi is a London-wide Assembly Member
    1. Letters sent from Boris Johnson and his deputy mayor for policing to the MoJ are attached.
    2. The proposed changes have not been published on the MoJ website and were sent out privately to Police and Crime Commissioners.
    3. In 2012/13 81% of crimes were unsolved in Westminster (50 198 crimes) and 79% in London (606,531 crimes).


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