Get your free low energy light bulb this weekend!

Murad is urging all Londoners to take part in the Mayor’s light bulb amnesty this weekend and make a step to start saving the planet.

DIY store B&Q and British Gas have joined with the Mayor to offer all Londoners free low energy light bulbs in exchange for older bulbs. Londoners can take a traditional light bulb from their home to any of the 28 B&Q stores across London and receive a free energy efficient light bulb from British Gas.

It is estimated that if all London households switched to energy efficient bulbs the capital’s carbon emissions would be reduced by half a million tons and Londoners could save up to £139million in energy bills.

Murad said “˜I hope this will encourage more people to take that important first step in making changes to their lifestyle which will benefit the environment. Using low energy bulbs is a really simple way for everyone to save energy and cut down emissions ““ and it saves people money too not only on energy bills but also on light bulbs as the low energy versions last much longer than conventional bulbs.’

The free bulbs are available from 11th January to 13th January and the offer is limited to two free bulbs per household.