It was heart breaking to see Fulham fans enduring defeat at the end of the game after a late goal by Deigo Forlan of Atletico Madrid. What added to their torment was then being stuck at Hamburg airport for several hours as clearly the authorities could not handle night flights. Please see Evening Standard coverage.

As for several hours in the early morning of the 13th of May, no flights took off from Hamburg airport both to London or Madrid even though many where scheduled to take-off, a few hours after the gamed ended. There was clearly no one in change of the airport during the night, as fans asked the airline staff what was the problem and no clear explanations were given. I certainly did not enjoy stepping over Fulham fans to get on my much delayed Airtalia flight. Explanations are needed and l’ll be writing to Michel Platini to ask what UEFA will be doing and find out what had been promised by Hamburg to them concerning travel arrangements and their assessment of it all.
So much for German efficiency. I can tell you this, you won’t be getting many Londoners and folk from Madrid going to Hamburg for a break after this experience with its airport. Which was probably the aim of hosting the Europa League final in the first place. Some Fulham fans will even feel that this was Hamburg getting its own back after Fulham knocked out Hamburg in the semi-finals.



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