Murad with the Blue Cockerel proposal

After attending the viewing of the six new proposals for the Fourth Plinth last night, and seeing all the new ideas perched on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square, the “Ultramarine Giant Blue Cockerel ” gets my vote! 
Out of the six ideas, it’s the one that stood out a mile. (I suspect this may well also be the view of pilots passing over London, on their way into Heathrow, or maybe not!).
The “Oversized Battenberg in Bricks” and the “Floating Cast of Fictional Mountainscape” held the least appeal for me, (the Battenberg, I certainly don’t get!) while “Sikandar” looked like Genghis Khan roaming through the Square.  As for the “ATM Pipe Organ”, well, that just looked too big for the plinth.

The only other contender was the “Brass Rocking Horse and Boy” which I’m sure will attract a lot of votes, but it’s the shocking blue cockerel for me.  Trafalgar Square and birds have been teamed up in the past, so a natural choice I think!


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