Four ugly Tower sisters don’t bode well for pro-Tower policy


Four ugly Tower sisters around the Marylebone flyover

Simon Jenkins ( Westminster Council’s pro-tower policy is a disaster for our city – 28th March 2017 ) is right to say that Westminster City Council has bad form
on proposed towers in the City but don’t forget the ones it has already permitted to be built as well. You only have to look at the blighted skyline across Paddington around the Marylebone flyover.  Here we have four towers – Burne House, Capital House, Metropole Hotel & Paddington Green Police station – which speak volumes of how the Council have let developers get away with grim grey architect to one of the gateways into Central London by car for decades, none of which would look out of place in the centre of Slough! 
Would anyone trust the planners again with Tower proposals, after such monstrous ones go up? Certainly not locally in Paddington.  
This blog was published in large part as a letter in the Evening Standard on the 30th of March 2017.


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