Football clubs should learn to share

The idea of London based football clubs moving around is a familiar one. Millwall moved from the Isle of Dogs to south of the river and Arsenal from Greenwich to Highbury so why not Spurs from North London to East London?  This story, comes as no surprise to me, in that the option of a move to Stratford is fast becoming the first choice for Tottenham Hotspur given the uncertainty of staying at their existing site with a new stadium.

As I’ve said in a previous blog, l can see no reason why the Olympic Stadium can’t be shared by two clubs as l witnessed at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.   Both local teams, Roma & Lazio manage to play with their vast and fanatical fan base on alternate weekends on a pitch around a running track.  (Alas both clubs have not seen the virtue of this!)  My concern is, that as an away fan, getting to White Hart Lane is murder, (as I suggested in a  report  to the Transport Committee which investigated the issue of sports travel)  so I’d much rather travel somewhere like Stratford, which will no doubt be much better connected than Tottenham after the games.




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