First red plaque in W9

Now we have many blue plaques in Paddington in both W9 & W2 parts but this morning we had our first red plaque in W9 put up along Clifton Gardens this morning. 

Here on the 13th of December in 1974, a horrific fire took hold in the Wosley Hotel for catering staff and cost the life of firemen, Hamish Petit along with six others. In honour of his life London Fire Brigade Union has put up this plaque. Acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice made by firemen in W9 and all around the world. So let us not forget the sacrifices public servants like firemen and women make particularly over the Christmas break. 

2 thoughts on “First red plaque in W9

  1. Talya Davies

    We were walking past here in Warwick Avenue while this was being inaugurated. There was a big ceremony with an old fire engine and many, many firemen paying their respects. I wondered what was happening there, so it’s great you have posted this, thank you.

    1. Murad Post author

      Talya, we need to know our local history so l am happy to report on such events and additions to the street scape of the Little Venice neighbourhood. I hope you have having a great break.


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