Fire chair hand-bagged by the Mayor

At the last full authority meeting of the London Fire Brigade, l asked the chairman Cllr Brian Coleman AM whether he is planning to privatise the fire service, given he is on record as saying all public services could be undertaken by the private sector.  In my verbal supplementary we had an exchange which strongly suggested the chairman is not for turning from his ideological position, to use his own chosen words.

So it was with much interest that l watched the exchange between the mayor and a fellow Assembly member Darren Johnson at the very end of the questioning of the mayor on this same subject at the last Mayors Question Time ( MQT ). The mayor gave a considered response to the question on privatisation of fire service and clearing stated l do not want to privatise the fire service.

So it appears that the political boss of the fire chief of  london has completely different views from the mayor on the privatising of the fire service. So the mayor has clearly hand bagged the Fire chief from his ideological stance as an end of year reminder of whos the boss.