‘f….ing Muslim’ adviser goes on Mayor’s Gulf mission

Lynton Crosby creates headlines

Lynton Crosby creates headlines with his views

The Evening Standard reported on Friday that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson will today be taking Lynton Crosby on his Gulf State trade mission. Incredibly he’s the political strategist employed by the Tories (both Johnson & Cameron) known for his “f….ing Muslim” views on election campaigns. These views were exposed by the Mail on Sunday in its 17th of November 2012 edition, as shown above.

You would think given his ‘f….ing Muslim’ views he would know that the Gulf states are all Muslim kingdoms! Given these comments, he should at least acknowledge them and apologiseĀ for them beforeĀ he sets foot on the plane on Sunday to the Gulf states. As l am not sure how Gulf States will respond to someone who holds these views particularly on their soil.

The Mayor with his political strategist Lynton Crosby

The Mayor with his political strategist Lynton Crosby