Extra Easter Flights @ Heathrow with the great British getaway

BAA advert at Baker Street tube station

I noticed  a BAA advert in Baker St tube station (and an advert in the Independent) stating that there will be 1500 extra flights from Heathrow over Easter.  l wonder how this can be possible given we are told Heathrow is at full capacity most of the time?

Now l am not bemoaning the right of people to get away but an extra 1500 flights with the constraints around Heathrow must either mean more night flights and/or mixed mode operations being undertaken at the airport which are very strictly regulated.   Both options would have an adverse impact on those local residents deciding to stay at home over the Easter break.

Interestingly l am not the only one trying to work out how this all adds up, as pilots also find themselves asking the same questions on the Professional pilot rumours Network (PPRuNe).  They’ve also seen the same adverts that l have on the Underground and the broadsheets.  Quite frankly, where this additional capacity has suddenly sprung from is a mystery to them as much as me after inspecting major carrier schedules.

So while the pilots think there is a little bit of an exaggeration in the advertising, l’m left wondering what if it’s true and how will this impact on Londoners living near the airport?  With an extra 1500 flights, it will proof even harder for local residents to get a decent night sleep or the chance to relax over the few days off we have over the Easter break.

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