Exploding pavements still an issue in London

Exposed cabling along Warwick Avenue – is this acceptable?

Recently l got a response from the Health & Safety Executive on the number of exploding pavements in London to my Freedom of Interest (FOI) 

When l asked about the matter over two years ago when l was an Assembly Member (AM) at the London Assembly, it was revealed that we had 80 incidents “putting lives at risk” since 2010. Now we hear we have had over 50 similar incidents since 2015 in London along. l did originally asked the private utility that manage the cables under our feet – UK Power Network – for the figures after the  explosion along Oxford St ( which many mistook as a bomb ) in the summer.  But they were not forthcoming and it appears little has been done to make our streets safe for Londoners, literally under our feet since then by them.   

It shows a disregard for health and safety by a private utility company making a lot money out of these contracts. 


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