EU Referendum Debate in Marylebone

EU ref Church Street

Here’s my speech on the night

I am not going to offer doom & gloom as the PM & the Chancellor with a third world war or a depression coming around the corner if we leave the EU. But you should take note when almost all Economists are concerned about the impact economically when its a profession where normally if you have two of them in the same room, you can expect more three opinions! Critically over half of them think that 3 per cent of GDP will be lost over 5 years, while the IFS suggests two years of austerity in UK finances.

As for the EU contributions its disingenous its suggest the £350 million when we have structural monies going to our poor area and it doesn’t acknowledge the rebate that Margaret “Thatcher obtained for the UK. For example much monies go to our poor areas like Cornwall and Wales and English farmers also now benefit from Common Agricultural Policy.

Lets also not forget the many benefits we have had from the Social Chapter and Directives for Workers Rights

  • Paid leave
  • part-time and full-time workers having the same rights
  • Temp and permanent contracts being the same
  •  Women having guaranteed maternity leave

We can’t rely on Tories to defend them, nor can with the BEXITERS 

As for sovereignty and power, the PM risks breaking up the United Kingdom, with this EU referendum, as he can not keep his Party together on Europe.

The Polls suggest, the Scots, Irish & Welsh will want to stay in, while English want out accept for Londoners.

As its not so much putting the Great back in Britain but having a disunited Britain afterwards.  


Finally London has been a great beneficiary of EU labour into our economy.

You only have to look at Church St on a friday night, with Polish women servicing in the Seashell and the French bankers drinking around the local pubs. 

But we need to stamp out abuses like low wages and poor terms and conditions of work. 

Saying this, we have to remember that EU migrants are net beneficiaries to the tax system and very often keep our public services going. 

So its the economy stupid, don’t forget the implications to the sovereignty  of the UK and London has certainly benefited from EU migrants. 

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