Edgware Rd station neglected again

Edgware Road once again neglected by TFL

This weekend we will see some operational changes to the district line service in West London as service levels to and from Olympia will be cut resulting in more trains going through Earls Court.  Initially, I assumed this would mean improved services to Edgware road through Earls Court as it is also the shortest arm of the District line through to Wimbledon where there is a lot of peak time demand.  Any additional slots extending to Edgware road would have resulted in a a better and more reliable service along this entire branch.  However, the recent response from the Mayor to my written question clearly establishes that the service from Wimbledon to Edgware Road will not change as a result of the timetable change in December. 

Once again, this echoes TFL’s past record of neglect at Edgware road.  This part of the tube map has not only been neglected during the upgrades of the tube line but also when sorting out the links between the two Edgware road stations.  These latest operational changes. hailed as benefiting all district line users will have no effect on those users of the district line travelling  from Edgware Road.

 Historically, this station is on the first bit of underground ever built, yet for some reason, it almost always gets overlooked. It has links with buses over the Marylebone flyover making it a major transport hub in the West Central part of London.  Clearly TfL see things differently.




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