Drought in London or not this summer?


Managing demand better with water meters is one of the ways forward in reducing our demand for water during the summer


Before the news hit the Radio and papers today, l’d already been asking the relevant authorities like Thames Water and the Environment Agency about the likelihood of a drought in London given the picture in other parts of the country like the East of England.

Looking at the latest assessment of water resources in London, I’ve been told the following; Firstly, the first quarter of the calendar year (Jan-March) saw  83% of the long term average rainfall, however March was unseasonally dry as we had only 22 % of the long term average rainfall.  This was followed by an exceptionally dry April.  Nevertheless, Thames Water do not anticipate having to impose restrictions at this time like a hosepipe ban.

This said, Thames Water have also informed me, that for two weeks between the 30th of March to the 15th of April, the desalination plant at Beckton otherwise known to them as the Thames Gateway Water Treatment Works was put into supply for the first time at 25 mld (million litres per day).   Please don’t forget that abandoning concerns over the energy intensive nature of the plant was one of the first things done by the present Mayor when he took office.
If we are to save ourselves from a hosepipe ban, we’ll have to continue keeping a close eye on the situation throughout the summer.   As a result of the sudden promininence of the situation, I’ve asked that the issue is added to the Environment Committee’s agenda which is why we’ll be looking at this topic during July’s meeting. So watch this space.