“Drilling in London? No thanks Boris!”

Boris Johnson has called for fracking in London, despite concerns about the environmental impact. London Assembly Labour Group Environment spokesperson Murad Qureshi said Boris should focus on reducing the demand for energy and promote “cleaner, greener sources of energy”.

In a letter to the Times newspaper, Boris Johnson wrote: “It is time for maximum boldness in energy supply. I fully support the Government’s drive for nuclear power, and if reserves of shale can be exploited in London we should leave no stone unturned, or unfracked, in the cause of keeping the lights on.” 

Northdown Energy Limited are currently the only company within the M25 to hold licenses to explore for conventional oil and gas around the Croydon area. Current regulations allow them to explore for shale gas as well. 

London Assembly Labour Group Environment spokesperson Murad Qureshi AM said:

“Boris is calling for fracking in London yet he has failed in reducing energy inefficiency through his RE:FIT and RE:NEW programmes. If these had been successful they would have been good for the environment and saved people money. He missed targets he set on domestic insulation, carbon emissions and electric cars.  

“Since Boris became mayor in 2008 the gap between London’s total carbon-reduction targets and actual reductions has widened significantly each year. Boris loves to jump on bandwagons and this is just his latest one – Londoners need a Mayor who considers their needs first ahead of commercial companies looking to make a quick profit at the potential, and as yet unknown, cost to the environment. 

“Fracking pads are large, lit at all times for safety reasons, noisy and dusty. If they were to go ahead in London, where does the mayor think a drilling rig can be accommodated? Boris should be promoting cleaner, greener sources of energy instead of ways to make Londoners lives harder.” 



 Murad Qureshi is a city-wide member of the London Assembly.




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