Double yellows for dropped kerbs in Westminster or not?

Other dropped kerbs in Westminster are marked out by a double yellow line

l’ve found myself having to challenge a parking fine issued against myself by Westminster Council.  I’ve appealed to the Parking & Traffic Appeals Service on the grounds of compelling inconsistencies  by the City of Westminster’s  application of the traffic regulations . The alleged contravention is parking in front of dropped kerb.
Why am l so bothered by it? Apart from the obvious – being caught unaware on a single yellow on a Saturday afternoon in the Church St market neighbourhood. The area happened to be marked out by a single yellow only. In the immediate neighbourhood, there are many other instances where dropped kerbs are marked out with double yellow lines.   The attached OS map shows where this took place, marked only by a single line including the other areas in the locality where it is made much clearer that parking is forbidden at all times with double yellow lines. I don’t have any problems with parking restrictions but there must be consistency!
l made my case on the 8th of October and the decision has been adjourned to allow me to present my evidence.
 It would be interesting to know if anyone else has experienced a similar thing particularly any other examples of dropped kerbs in Westminster and the rather random application of single and double yellow lines.  It would not only build a case about inconsistent traffic regulations in Westminster, it may help other aggrieved drivers too.

drop-down kerb double yellow line inconsistencies at corner of Lisson St & Bell St


6 thoughts on “Double yellows for dropped kerbs in Westminster or not?

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  2. Tak Chiu

    What was the outcome?

    – I’ve just been issued a PCN with “dropped kerb” on a single yellow also… I’m appealing, but afraid that I will lose and end up paying £££

    1. Murad

      Apols for the delay in responding Tak Chiu.

      I made an appeal to Parking & Traffic Appeals Service ( P&TAS ) and lost. Its supposed to be an independent tribunal for parking and traffic penalties in London.

      Interestingly l have seen another car fall for the same trap l fell for!


  3. Tak Chiu

    Thank you for your reply. I made my online appeal and was supposed to get a letter within 10 days, I never did, so I paid my PCN.

    If I didn’t have to work I’d follow this one through, but taking time off work and lose part of my income just to make my case is something I cannot afford to do.

    I feel that such parking spaces are just a trap for (in my case) westminster council to make money out of…


  4. Daniel

    I suffered the same fate as you in the City Of London today outside where I work.

    There are two dropped kerbs within metres of each other, one has a single yellow line and the other a double yellow line.

    Today was the first time I was given a PCN for parking over the single yellow line dropped kerb.

    Obviously I now realise its an offence to park by a dropped kerb but like wish the City Of London were consistent.

    Why have two dropped kerbs so close by marked with different yellow lines, it confuses drivers and tricks them into thinking its ok to park by one but not the other.

    1. Murad

      It would be useful to start a campaign on the councils inconstitency on markings for double yellow lines in the City of Westminster.


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