Don’t let the Tories get away with it

On 3rd May Londoners face a choice between a Labour Mayor and a Tory Mayor. That choice is this simple, and its a clear choice that matters on May 3. It’s a choice between a Conservative party that will carry on ripping off Londoners and a Labour party determined to make you better off.

The Conservative Party has:

  • Pushed Britain back into recession
  • Hiked up bus, rail, Tube, tram and DLR fares
  • Introduced a ‘granny tax’ to fund a tax-cut for the rich
  • Hit young people and students, including scrapped the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)
  • Cut funding for childcare
  • Allowed rip-off energy companies to hike up bills

A Labour Mayor of London would:

  •  Cut fares, saving the average fare-payer £1,000 over four years
  •  Reverse Boris Johnson’s police cuts
  • Create a £30-a-week London EMA for 16-19 year olds
  • Provide grants and loans for childcare 
  • Offer Londoners cheaper electricity and heating through a London Energy Co-op
  • Oppose the granny tax paid for by the tax cut for the richest – and freeze Council Tax

The central choice on Thursday is between a Conservative Party continuing to rip you off, or a Labour Party that will make you better off.

Don’t let the Tories get away with it. Vote Labour in London on Thursday.


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