Don’t forget about the Piccadilly line upgrade!

At this week’s Transport Committee meeting l bang on about the upgrading of the forgotten lines on the tube Piccadilly ( & Bakerloo line ) when we discussed the Mayor’s Transport vision within his 2020 Vision document with his Transport adviser and TfL officials. Remember its already 11 years over due!

If you think the Piccadilly line is bad for travellers to Heathrow, think about the lot of local residents in West London. When getting on to the Piccadilly line tube particularly from Hounslow tube stops, you face a mountain of luggage in its narrow carriages to get into the train! At best you will be standing over other people’s luggage in the carriage. And to add insult to the wound, it passes through Chiswick as it speeds through 4 tube stations over a length of some 4.5 milles before getting to Hammersmith, where many would like to get on and off at some point in Chiswick.

TfL need to sort it out asap and begin their upgrade programme immediately, not only for the sake of travellers to Heathrow but also local residents on the Piccadilly, particularly in West London with better frequency of service and stopping in Turnham Green at least.

I had of course asked questions about it last month particularly in light of the impact of Chancellors CSR. Please find the attached link to the response to my question to the Mayor as well.

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