Does the Mayor know his onions?

Following his latest column in the Daily Telegraph, it would appear from a first glance that the Mayor knows his onions.  This appearance is however undermined greatly and is indeed ironic once you realise that he has failed to deliver on his own notion that we ” lasso that rampaging Indian bullock and get some more traction for Britain” .  He has managed this by closing the London offices in both Mumbai & Delhi during his term so far, so its a bit rich for him now to advocate something which he initially rejected as a waste referring to them as “embassies” during the last Mayoral contest.   He then had to be persuaded by London business to maintain them once in office, while quietly closing them down when staff lost their positions.  All this while it’s recently emerged that only 7 per cent of UK exports go to the China, India and Brazil.  These are the economies seen as the locomotive of global growth, illustrating well the foresight of Ken’s regime.

So whilst Boris may know his onions, it would appear that what he doesn’t know, is how to cook them!

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