Dishing Daesh

Reading Simon Jenkin’s agreable polemic piece in the ES suggests we are dancing to the terrorism tune, but l still felt we are using the wrong language for them, as it reinforces their propaganda by referring to them as jihadists of the Islamic state. This while the BBC attempts to deal with them by calling the so-called Islamic State. l much prefer calling them Daesh. 

Interestingly they call themselves El Dawla which in Arabic means the state with no reference to Islam. Furthermore Arabs refer to them with the acronym Daesh rather than IS or ISIL, which l also understand annoys the hell out of them. For that reason alone we should refer to them as Daesh. 

Lets also not forget the sectarian nature of Daesh, who are sunni’s hell belt on war against the shias of the Muslim faith which is essentially a succession issue from the days of the prophet Mohammed death. Daesh is also partly a response to shias domination in both the regimes of Iraq and Syria. More scarily they are trying to provoke an apocalyptic confrontation as they belief that we are in the last days and that this war is the war of all wars. With such rhetoric, it would be a gift to their propaganda if the rest of the world now steams into the part of the world their momentarily control at present.