Dirty seating on the Bakerloo Line

Bakerloo dirty seats portrait

While at the centenary birthday of Warwick Avenue tube station this past Saturday, l noticed the soiled seating of Bakerloo trains again.

l had asked TfL via the Mayor before the Christmas break, that as l regular user of the Bakerloo line l had notice there are an increasing number of soiled seats on the trains and is there a planned program for refurbishing train seats on this line and if so when?

I was told the seats on Bakerloo line trains are due to be replaced starting from January 2015 and the seats are cleaned regularly as part of ongoing maintenance. Well l have not seen site of either and we are already in February.

Increasingly l notice people not seating down as the seats are so soiled. So maybe someone at TfL can get up and sort this out asap for the users of the Bakerloo line. As its right and proper that we celebrate the 100th birthday of the Bakerloo line extension in North West London but shouldn’t forget the service level presently suffered by its users.