Defending the Bakerloo line in W9

Since last November we have heard a lot about a potential 9 per cent reduction in Tube services due to the reduced funding from Central government to TfL. And we all knew that the Bakerloo line was most at risk of at least a reduction in service given how it has not had any investment in its infrastructure like the carriages and tube stations themselves for many years.

This in top of the 414 bus service cut from going through W9 from Marble Arch meant that many locals signed up our the petition which we handed in to the Department recently.

Please see the Little Venice Labour candidates for the Local Election on the 5th of May, myself, Rosie Wrighting, and Sara Hassan,  at the Department for Transport handing in the petition to ensure the Bakerloo Line is saved above. 

It was widely reported that the Bakerloo line is at risk of closure due to the pandemic decimating the income from fares that huge government cuts forced TfL to rely on. Unlike national rail and other public transport systems in the UK and worldwide, the government refused to fund TfL, instead forcing several short-term “bailouts”, each with demands for heavy cuts to London’s critical transport.

We rely on the Bakerloo line for work, leisure, and to meet our friends and family. That’s why Little Venice Labour led a petition to demand the Bakerloo line is properly protected and supported.

And the community has come together to demand the same – we’ve seen posters calling for the Bakerloo line to be saved in local shops,  and there’s been huge support for our petition from communities all along the Bakerloo line.

Unfortunately, the government’s pressure on TfL has continued, with cuts to services already affecting our buses. We still need the government to properly support TfL and our transport system, and Londoners.

We must also have others residents in W9 to continue signing the petition, as this issue unfortunately will not be going away soon. So please use the link below to get more signatories amongst our neighbours, friends and relatives. 

Bakerloo Line Must Be Saved!

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