Dangerous levels of air pollution in Horn Lane exceed EU limit by 61%

The London Air Quality Monitoring Statistics produced by Kings College London show that the number of days pollution levels recorded at the site fell outside the Government’s Air Quality Strategy Objectives in 2010 topped a staggering 91 days.

This figure massively exceeds the EU recommended level of 35 days.

London Assembly member, Murad Qureshi, said: “These figures reveal the stark and dangerous reality of air pollution in Acton. It’s a problem which has gone on for too long and which requires affirmative action, from the council, mayor and government. 

“Despite a well organised residents’ campaign they have been let down by the authorities. The importance of air quality and the devastating effect on people’s health is simply not given enough credence by the Mayor.

“I intend to keep pushing for action and in particular for more concrete action from the Mayor and TfL who don’t appear to have a grip on this issue.  Lip service and monitoring alone do not reduce air pollution”

The plight of residents of Horn Lane in Acton was highlighted by Londonwide Assembly member Murad Qureshi at a meeting of the London Assembly’s Environment Committee.  The Committee met last week and were able to question representatives from Transport for London about steps they were taking to reduce air pollution in the capital.  Labour assembly member Murad Qureshi who is also deputy chair of the Environment Committee chose Horn Lane as a prime example of where immediate action was needed.


The Environment Committee intends to continue its investigation into pollution hotspots in the forthcoming year.

The minutes of this and other meetings of the Environment committee can be viewed at: http://www.london.gov.uk/moderngov/ieListMeetings.aspx?CommitteeId=143



For further information please contact Nikki Salih, PA to Murad Qureshi, on 020 7983 4400

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