Cycle hangars in Westminster

bicycle hangars found on the edge of John Aird Court sponsored by the GLA

A great report on London’s Cycle Hangars by Fare City shows how the City of Westminsters hangars compare with other London boroughs. In a nutshell, Westminster has 137 cycle hangars with 3,000 waiting list charged at £ 72 a year for a space in a bike hangar. In comparison they charge £112 a year for a small car space which compares favourably with other London boroughs. 

Yet there is clearly a need for more cycle hangars in the City for many residents on the waiting list. So lets get install a lot more of them after the 5th of May local elections. In the meantime, l’ll stick to my Santander bike key for travelling around Central London where there is a docking station! 

One thought on “Cycle hangars in Westminster

  1. Anonymous

    £112/year covers a non-hybrid petrol or diesel car with a engine 1200c & below.

    In fact, it’s free to park an ‘eco’ car in Westminster – so it’s cheaper to park a £100k Tesla in Westminster that still takes more space, produces more noise, and more polluntants (particulate matter from tyres), than it is a bike!

    It’s also cheaper to park a motorcycle, coming in at £57/year. That makes a pedal cycle 26% more expensive than a motorcycle.


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