Costly Marble Arch Mound fiasco

As the fiasco of #MarbleArchMound closes today we should not forget @CityWestminster spent £6 million on this project with some 250,000 visitors. Thats is £24 per visitor paid via council tax by its residents! It would have better if it give its residents £24 vouchers to spend on Oxford St instead – what a waste! Heads should really roll for such poor project management. 

So while the UK government has wasted billions on test and tract, the Tory run council of Westminster has wasted millions on its pet project in Central London, Marble Arch Mound. 

If l had done this to the residents of Westminster, l would have resigned from the Council. But then has anyone in government done so with the waste of billions of pounds during the pandemic. So what a waste under our local council and national government, during some very difficult times for people. 


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