More concrete mixers over weekends just not on!

Last Saturday afternoon l saw the impact of the huge works into the West End Gate development to local residents around Paddington Green.  As concert mixer after mixer lined up to enter the site by Church St causing noise and dirty roads with the addition of suspended parking for local residents on the main market day for Church St market. 

This is sent to continue into the new year as the developers ask the Council to have more concert mixers going into the site on Saturday afternoon’s in particular. This of course would not be tolerated anyway else in the City of Westminster, as the developer asks for restrictions to be dropped for their works over huge additional inconvienence to local residents over weekends. 

One has to ask why this huge development was given site entrance through Church St in the first place? Annoying many residents in the process when another way into the site existed along Newcastle Place which could have been used for the site works.  Indeed as the Paddington Green Police station is no longer used by the MET,  Newcastle Place could easily of been closed as the sole means of entrance into the building site. Officers need to explain why the present works arrangements on Church St were acceptable over above going alternative routes like via Newcastle Place. 

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