Competition all the way to Oxford by Rail


Today we see for the first time in my life time certainly and something unheard of on the rail system, competition between two of London’s rail terminals for the lucrative commuter lines to Oxford. Its not only competition between two of London’s rail terminals but also two rail franchises, Great Western Rail (GWR) at Paddington while we have Chiltern Railways at Marylebone. You can see the aggressive competition by the adverts placed by GWR all along the tube escalator at Marylebone Tube station!!!


From Marylebone you can get to Oxford via Bicester Village and Oxford Parkway and Oxford station in 60 minutes, twice an hour in fast spacious trains. 

Its not only highly competition going on the rails to Oxford now but also on road by coaches by services like Oxford Tube , X90, Megabus as well as National Express! So its no doubt that commuters are getting value for money as we have not only have road vs road options and road vs rail options but now rail vs rail options.  

So well done Chiltern Railways and best of luck in offering up this competition on going to Oxford by rail between Paddington & Marylebone. It is certainly much more enjoyable experience going through Marylebone station and as a terminus it is  a lot more centrally located in London than Paddington and all the other connections that will facilitate for passengers. 

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