Community fund raising for Bangladesh Floods

With all the talk of aid assistance for flood victims around the world, let us not forget community fund raising by their diaspora communities. 

A case in point is the Bangladeshi community in Camden and their efforts of assistance to Sylhet where we had flooding not seen there for more than 120 years. Almost three-fourths of the Sylhet Region in North East Bangladesh was inundated earlier this year due to the heaviest rainfall the region has seen in living memory causing over 100 fatalities, marooning millions and uprooting thousands. As a result many in the Bangladeshi community in the UK sent monies to their villages and towns to give assistance to people directly affected by the floods.  Others went further like the Surma Centre in Camden, which via televised Appeal on Channel S and Charity Dinner event at the Irish Centre raised over £10,000 for the victims to dispersed directly by the Surma Centre, to help rebuild homes and tube wells and livelihoods like buying richshaws and of course food parcels. 

Many will already know this financial assistance from the diaspora aboard is often more reliable than any official assistance. Ask any Finance Minister from the developing world and they will confirm this picture. 

So while the Pakistanis attempt to raise monies for the humanitarian assistance for their flood victims in Sind predominately via aid assistance from the developed world based on historic damage down by carbon emissions of the developed world bear a thought for community assistance for flood victims from their diaspora communities like we do in the Bangladeshi community around the world as shown by the Camden Bangladeshi community via their local community centre, the Surma and the Bangladesh Workers Association (BWA). And well done to them as well. 



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