Committee “carve up” not good news for Grenfell & Cladding scandal

After looking at last week’s “carve up” of Committee positions at the London Assembly more closely, the one that causes most alarm for me is what happen to the Fire,Resilience & Emergency Planning. It is the Committee that has been scrutinizing #Grenfell and the #Claddingscandal for Londoners under Andrew Dismore’s able chairmanship not only at the London level but nationally as well. We can not expect this from the Committee now under complete Tory control, given it would have to be critical of a Tory run local council and also how a Tory government has handled the cladding scandal nationally from a London perspective.  

So l don’t want to see any crocodile tears from the LibDems or Greens at City Hall over Grenfell & the Cladding scandal for handing this Committee and critical role on London issue over on a plate to the Tories.

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