Does Central London need any more petrol stations?

Lyons Place development petrol station along Edgware Rd

With the death of the petrol station in Central London, why is Westminster City Council insisting to keeping them particularly when residents around them do not want them?
It s not just been an issue in Dorset House above the old petrol station on the corner of Gloucester Place & Marylebone Rd, NW1 but also has been one on new development proposals like that along Cleveland St & Clipstone Mews  to the residents of Holcroft Court resident. Incredibly in the later the Council insisted on a petrol station being part of this development in the planning brief and in the former residents had fire disaster fears over the petrol station. 
The one that appears to actually being built out is along the Edgware Rd in the new Lyons Place development. Now on part of the site there was a petrol station and garage which lied empty for many years but losing one would not be any loss as we have two nearby, including one virtually across the other side of the Edgware Rd and the other on the junction of Sutherland Avenue & Maida Vale a Tesco 24 hour supermarket with a petrol station. 
This is even more galling as car ownership has been dropping in Central London wards dramatically since the beginning of the century and the rise of electric cars requires a different  type of infrastructure altogether with more demand for plug-in points in London. Can we not expect the council to acknowledge the concerns of residents when retaining petrol stations and move with the times with a presumption against anymore petrol stations remaining in City of Westminster with vehicle moving away from petrol.    

Council want to retain old petrol station under Dorset House on Marylebone Rd – why?

Why was there inclusion of a new petrol filling station in the narrow Clipstone Mews in proposed development along 87-125 Cleveland St?


One thought on “Does Central London need any more petrol stations?

  1. M Lipsis

    No electric vehicle charging charging points? More impetus for car owners to buy fossil fuels when we’re already failing to meet the required cuts to carbon emissions to save our planet and reverse the catastrophic species extinction we’re already experiencing right now? Fantastic foresight. It’s great we have people like these at the top showing us the way


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