Celebrate 200 years of Lords in St John’s Wood but don’t forget its second home

Plaque put up in front of Lisson green Estate to acknowledge second home of Lords.

Plaque put up in front of Lisson green Estate to acknowledge second home of Lords.

It is right and proper that Lords is has celebrated 200 years of being in St Johns Wood on the present site of the home of cricket but lets not forget its second home nearby albeit for a few years only.

Like many l went along to Lords on Sunday on its open day for its celebration of being in St John’s Wood for the past 200 years. During the days activities members of the public were allowed to entered the Pavilion without being escorted by a member nor wearing a tie; spectators pinicked in front of the grand stand for the first time in decades; and had a whole load of activities to keep families of cricket fans entertained for the day.

 What is often forgotten is that Lords had a second home between Dorset Square & St John’s Wood for a few years between both sites. The second home of Lords cricket ground would have lied along West of the Park Road near Regents Park mosque going through what is now known as the Lisson Green estate. Lords was here for a few years between 1811 to 1813 where the development of the Regents canal had moved it off to the present third home of Lords.

In 2005, this was acknowledged by plaques put up at both the front of the Lisson Green estate and on Park Road, as its presence is often forgotten.

So as we celebrate 200 of Lords in St Johns Wood, lets not forget this was the third home of cricket after Dorset Square site and then Park Road to Lisson Grove site, the latter more often than not forgotten about altogether.