Calls to rename Edgware Road station after 7/7 bombings inquest

Murad Qureshi, who lives in Marylebone, has written a letter to the Mayor of London asking if the inquest findings should prompt one of the stations to be renamed.

There are currently two Edgware Road stations – one on Edgware Road for the Bakerloo line and one on Chapel Street for the Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines.

Mr Qureshi has previously supported local campaigners who proposed to rename one station Church Street Market and says the “health and safety” concerns highlighted in the inquest show another key reason for a change.

The bombings on July 7, 2005, saw 52 people killed including six when a bomb detonated on a Circle line train just outside Edgware Road station.

The recent inquest stated “a combination of human and computer error” contributed to delays in emergency services reaching the station. The report states the fire brigade was asked to attend the Chapel Street station with a specific reference made to the Circle line.

But when resources were sent to the scene they incorrectly mobilised at the Edgware Road Bakerloo line station.

“It is clear to many that having two Edgware Road tube stations has been very confusing for both users and local residents,” said Mr Qureshi.

“I have always said that renaming one of the stations would make it less confusing and offer the opportunity to emphasise local features in the neighbourhood like Church Street Market.

“When I heard the concerns expressed at the July 7 review, it made me realise there are perfectly sound health and safety reasons for the name change as well.”

The inquest report states the fire brigade has subsequently “taken important steps” to rectify the situation.

In response to Mr Qureshi’s question, Mayor Boris Johnson said: “The coroner’s report acknowledged that the London Fire Brigade (LFB), in conjunction with London Underground, had taken important steps to rectify this issue, including the introduction in the LFB’s computerised mobilising system of a unique reference number system for every Underground station and every tunnel.

“The Coroner also noted that the London Ambulance Service had implemented the same unique reference number system.”

A Transport for London spokesman confirmed there are no plans to rename either station.

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