Bridging climate gap between UK & Bangladesh evening


Last week l joined workers in wetsuits, snorkels and flippers to show what experiencing city living in a waterlogged London in 2100 could be like as a result of climate change. Outside Whitechapel tube station, we also advertised an evening l am hosting with Practial Action at City Hall, London Bridge next monday on ” Bridging climate gap between the UK & Bangladesh”

Supporters and staff from international development charity Practical Action took part in the action outside tube stations to highlight the effects of climate change on London and in the developing world in cities like Dhaka by handing out alternative tube maps showing how much of the tube could be under water by 2100.

 The workers were there to demonstrate what the average city worker will need to wear to get to work should current predictions of a three metre rise take place.

We are asking the UK Government to take action at the global climate change talks in Doha, later this month via a social media campaign, #adaptnow..

While a rise of three metres would change London forever, it would decimate the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka – one of the most populous and poverty-stricken capital cities on Earth.

 Practical Action calls on the UK government to:

Put adaptation centre stage in the forthcoming climate talks in Doha

To ensure that at least 50 per cent of climate finance is spent on adaptation. It is currently less than 10 per cent.

To ensure the UK honours its part of the UN commitment to increase the Green Climate Fund to $100bn by 2020. Currently $11bn has been committed but no money has been paid

This call for climate justice at Doha will be launched on monday night, 19th November at City Hall along Queens Walk with many from the one of the London’s communities most affected by climate change both here and over there, the Bangladeshis. So see you there.

Taste of London-on-sea & Dhaka under sea in 2100.

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