Brent or Camden – which would you prefer to be in with?

So which parliamentary seat would you like to be in with Brent or Camden?  Its a question many residents in Little Venice, Maida Vale and Church St in the City of Westminster will be asking themselves giving the differing positions made by the Boundary Commission of England Review (BCE Review) between their initial suggestion of Camden Town & St Johns Wood below and the revised one of Queens Park and Little Venice above.

The critical thing is that the initial proposals puts the Paddington & Marylebone parts of Westminster North in with Camden Town while the revised proposal puts them into Brent that is Kilburn and Harlesden. That is quite a dramatic change of direction going from North to West for the residents of the remaining Ward parts part of Westminster North like Little Venice, Maida Vale and Church St.  It would be interesting to hear how the BCE Review came to such a major change of orientation for the old Westminster North CLP. 

It would be interesting to know what the residents in these wards feel, prefer being in a parliamentary seat with parts of Brent or Camden? Thats a open question which maybe we could do a poll on and see the Review will take it on board on their final 


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