Bouchra Khalili – Mapping Journey Project @Lisson_Gallery

At one of my local Art galleries, the Lisson Gallery, we have a Moroccan-French artist Bouchra Khalili exhibiting for the first time in London her “The Mapping Journey Project”.

Its well worth a visit to just find out what is involved in migrants getting to Europe as we hear the stories of a number of them retracing their journey to the destination of their dreams. For example we have the story of a Bangladeshi dreaming of going to Rome eventually getting there through the middle of Africa after his first attempt via Eastern Europe failed. Khalili explores through their stories and the mediums of film, video, maps, prints and photography the broad topics of migration and displacement, laying bay the socially constructed nature of borders and challenges our fixed ideas of identity and nationhood give us.

Its well worth a visit. The exhibition continues till the 18th of March 2017 and its at the Lisson Gallery site on 67 Lisson Street NW1, London. 

So, thank you to the Lisson Gallery for hosting her unique exhibition for the first time in London after it appears its have been every where else! I am indeed very fortunate to have one of the most influential and longest running international contemporary art galleries in the world on my doorstep.

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