In his column this week in the Telegraph, the Mayor raises the thorny question that most political campaigners face when delivering election literature and one that clearly plays on his mind – how to avoid the dog on the other side of the letterbox.

My experience, for what it’s worth, is that the bark bears no relationship to size. Indeed, it’s the smaller dogs that cause more noise than their larger counterparts. Furthermore, they seem to be able to detect someone walking up to the door much better than bigger, lazier dogs. Personally, I’ve always been concerned by the number of dogs kept confined in flats and houses – for, while we consider ourselves an animal-loving country, the cruellest thing we do with them is keep them locked up all day. Thus it’s not surprising that many dogs get over-excited when someone approaches the property or knocks on the door.

The interesting thing is that Boris Johnson raises the issue at all in his august column, showing I suggest a wimpish response to a dilemma most postal workers have to deal with on a daily basis in their occupation. So I suggest that the postal workers of the UK send in their pearls of wisdom on this issue to the trembling Mayor here at City Hall before he goes off on another election campaign, reduced to a nervous wreck at the prospect of meeting another dog on his travels.

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