Boris Johnson’s poor legacy in London

21 front panel to deal with residents concerns in Southall Waterside Development

As l went around Greater London last week to public events around the boroughs l saw the true legacy of Boris Johnson time as Mayor of London on schemes and proposals which do not normally get much attention. 

At a public meeting of the Southall Waterside Development otherwise know as Southall Gate works site. we heard of the huge problems facing residents health because of the air pollution and the great stink coming out through the site. 

In light these problems, it should never of been “called in” by the previous Mayor of London, Boris Johnson when Ealing Council had thrown it out originally. 

At another public meeting we saw local residents of Woolwich Arsenal complaining about the adverse impact of TfL’s Siertown Tunnel proposal to communities on both sides of the Thames. We should not forget that after winning the 2008 Mayoral contest, one of the first things Mayor of London Boris Johnson did was drop building out the Thames Gateway bridge linking Thamesmead in South London to Beckton in Newham. Something local government in London has been saying needs doing since the 1970’s!  If he had continued with that Bridge, l am sure we would not have need this tunnel proposal at all. 

This is just some of the mess, Boris Johnson as Mayor of London left to Londoners on this return to the Commons. So what can we expect when he becomes PM for the country? No doubt, a similar trial of bad decision making and false economies. 

Attending these meeting has made me determined to represent Londoners across the region again at the London Assembly.

Silvertown Tunnel meeting in Woolwich Arsenal

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